Best 4×4 competition

One highlight of the show is the best 4×4 competition with its selected 4x4s that will be displayed as they all battle it out for the title of Best 4×4 of the Show – the ultimate prize of the Off-Road and Adventure Show


We all love our cars, we like to customize them, install new parts, and transform them into a vehicle that is entirely our own. In a sense, our cars become an extension of ourselves and it becomes a reflection of our tastes and preferences towards the community.Of course, at the end of the modifications, you would like to show off your newly improved 4×4. That’s why we at the Off-Road and Adventure Show are inviting you to get a chance at displaying your car at our event! What do you have to do? Just sign up and compete for the Best 4×4 Competition and get a chance to be selected to feature your car at the show! The competition will open closer to the next event date.